Form General Description Fee
URAR UAD Full Appraisal $650
Land Vacant Land $500
URARFull Appraisal for non-lender use$600

Condo Condominium $650
Const. Insp. Construction Inspection $150
Desk Rev. Desk Review $500
FHA FHA Report $700
FHA Insp. FHA Repair Inspection $150
Field Rev. Field Review $600

Multi-Fam. 1 to 4 Family Appraisal Call
Relo Relocation Appraisal $800
URAR UAD VA Report $650
VA Insp. VA Repair Inspection $150
REO Foreclosure Report w/ Listings $750
* Additional fees may apply based on location, property value,
   and special or unique properties including large land tracts.